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Welcome to pattern testing for The Crochet Couch!

Please take a few minutes to read over the guidelines for pattern testing. Most of your questions should be answered below.

We design graphs for our website but cannot possibly crochet them up as fast as we can graph them. We’re looking for people interested in using our graphs and/or word charts to crochet up the item and permit us to use the pictures of the item for the pattern listing.

This group is specifically for testers of our graphs. If you're not interested in testing a graph at this time, are an admin in another graphing group or if you are a grapher yourself with your own group, please feel free to join our C2C Graphs group. The C2C Graphs Group is for everyone that enjoys the corner to corner afghan - so whether you crochet them, make graphs for them or both you are welcome to join and post your work! We also have a group for all things crochet! The Crochet Couch group is open to anyone that enjoys crochet and would like to show off their WIPs and chat with other crocheters

To be eligible to test graphs you will need to complete ONE small egg project and submit pictures. This is simply to ensure that you have an interest in testing (and aren’t here to grab a free pattern and run) and that you are able to do a C2C from a graph. Some people, once they try it, just don’t care for it. There are 20 small Easter Egg graphs that are free of charge to everyone. Pick whichever one you want......crochet it up and submit at least one good picture - just post it in the group and tag any admin listed above. After that, you are welcome to test any graph that is available! **if you are a member of the paid subscription group or have purchased any of our patterns previously the egg requirement is waived. The eggs available for testing are HERE

**When testing graphs, a weekly progress photo is appreciated but I know sometimes that just isn’t possible and even just a post letting us know you’re working on it, maybe what row you’re on etc. is fine. If I don’t hear from you after a few weeks I will tag you for progress. If you don’t respond, I’ll tag you a second time. If you don’t respond to that one I will assume you are no longer interested in testing.


1. Please don't submit blurry photos - these can not be used

2. Outside light is the best usually but if that isn't an option, take photo during the day in as bright of light as possible. Dark photos are very difficult to edit.

3. If you are laying a project straight, all corners need to be in the photo.

4. Projects do not need to be perfectly straight - an afghan draped over a couch or chair etc are great.

5. Multiple photos are preferred with different angles - for afghans laying flat or holding up, draped over a couch or chair etc.

To see some examples of good pictures from other testers, please click HERE


We have the available graphs to test split up into sections:

Pattern testers are permitted one pattern at a time for testing. After you have chosen the graph you would like to test, simply click on the button “request to test” - the graph pic will appear in your shopping cart and you will check out as if you’re doing a purchase. You DO NOT have to pay for patterns to test nor do you have to enter in any credit card information. The system does require a billing address. While I do need your (facebook) name and email address to get the pattern to you, I don’t have to have your billing address and you are welcome to enter in a fake address if you’re more comfortable doing so - for example - 123 Main St., Anywhere US 00000.

After you complete the request I will get an email of your choice and will send the pattern to you as soon as I can. I am able to send patterns out from my phone so you should be able to get them fairly quickly. This system will also eliminate posts getting missed that are requesting patterns to test.

Each pattern has a quantity in the system….once we have enough testers for a pattern it will show up as “SOLD OUT”. If there is no “sold out” on the pattern you know that it is available for testing. Once all testers have completed a project it will be removed from the tester area.


1. Do I have to pay for the pattern? No – as a tester the pattern is given to you free of charge. But please do not share patterns.

2. I really like a pattern but it’s closed. Can I still get the pattern? Yes, they are all listed on the website

3. Can you help me design my own graph? No, we’re sorry we can’t.

4. Can you make me a graph of……..? If you have a request for a graph that we don’t currently have, please SUBMIT REQUEST HERE Please note that copyrighted items are not permitted to be sold without a license. We do offer them for free in the Subscription Group.

5. I don’t understand the pattern I’m testing; will you help me? Of course we will!!! Please post any questions you have about the pattern in the group. The group has several very experienced admins and crocheters that are always willing to help.

6. What happens if I can’t do the graph I requested? Well if you don’t have time then you just won’t be able to receive/test another graph until you’re finished. If you pick one that is above your skill level and you’ve shown an attempt to do it, we can see about getting you an easier one. I think we’ve all bitten off more than we can chew at one time or another. If you just change your mind about the graph that you requested and received you will need to finish it or purchase it to receive another free pattern to test.

7. Am I allowed to share my pictures in other groups? Of course! It’s your crochet project and you can do whatever you like with it – share pics, sell item etc. All we ask is that you do not share the patterns.

8. Can I use different colors? Absolutely! You are always welcome to use whatever colors you prefer. You can also choose your own hook size and your own yarn weight. The pattern is simply a guideline. This applies to the eggs and patterns that you test.

9. Can I post my other crochet projects? Although we do love to see them, we would like this group to stay focused on the testing of graphs. Please feel free to join us at in the other groups mentioned above to show your work that is not one you’re testing

10. Is there a time limit? Yes. To be fair to everyone, the patterns do have a time limit. We hope the patterns can be completed within 3 months but expect them to be completed within 6 months

11. What happens if I don’t complete it in 6 months? I will open it up for another tester. You will still be able to request graphs to test, but will just need to complete the one you have. If pattern is not completed nor purchased within a year then we will assume you are no longer interested in testing and will remove you from the group. (the testing group only…you are still more than welcome to remain in the other groups mentioned above)

12. Should I post pictures? Where? The simple answer is YES! We love to see weekly progress pictures in the group but realize that isn’t easy for everyone. If I don’t hear from you for a month, I’ll tag you in a post and request an update. If you don’t respond within a week I’ll tag you again. If you still don’t respond, I’ll assume you are no longer interested in testing and will remove you from the group.