Our pattern testers

Pattern testers are worth their weight in gold, both to the pattern designer to help ensure patterns released are error free and easy to understand and also to the crocheter who expects to purchase patterns that can use and enjoy for years to come.  We have hundreds of pattern testers but here are a few of the "superstars"!

Edna with her great grandson Mekale

Edna with her great grandson Mekale

Edna Louise Jett Pokorny

Edna has been testing with since 2015.  In her own words:  I started crocheting when I was about 7 years old. Taught by my Mom and Grandmother. They made such lovely things but of course mine was nothing like theirs. My Grandmother made the most beautiful doilies which I never attempted to make.

For many years I had put crocheting aside to raise my 3 children...life was busy. I picked it back up about 10 years ago after becoming disabled and no longer in the working field needing something to fill my time. I was doing just standard SC and DC afghans and hats.

My daughter Angela taught me how to read a pattern and opened a whole new world for me. I I don't remember how I came across my first graph testing group, but after joining and seeing the wonderful creations I was totally hooked.

I find it very relaxing. I gift a lot but also sell the finished products. My favorite has to be my first Eagle designed by your son. About me I am a widower, have 3 children Christina, Angela and Jeremiah. Seven grand children Cory, Kimberly, Taylor (our heavenly Angel) Austin, Zach, Hannah and Hunter. Now starting on those wonderful great grands. Mekale and due soon his baby sister Ma'kyah.

I transplanted from Ohio many years ago to Florida and never looked back. Besides crocheting I have recently started baking from scratch, love to read (must be a real book love the feel and smell of them) and watch different TV shows while doing my thing.

Michele Elisabeth Callahan.jpg

Michele elisabeth

It's hard to believe but Michele has only been crocheting for about 5 years!  The work that she does on our afghans, as well as other crochet projects is just unbelievable!  Many of her projects also show some gorgeous photography skills so we're always excited to see one of her projects finished! 

From Michele:  I am about to be 50! Can you believe it 50! LOL. Anyway, I am a believer of Jesus Christ and His follower. I have learned Truth about His Love and His faithfulness. I never knew my worth or never even knew love. But today I walk in the fullness of His Love and I know I am worthy in Him.
I can honestly say crocheting helps with depression and anxiety though Jesus keeps me strong and He delivered me completely. Crochet just quiets me inside. If I do get anxious or even thoughts that bring me down go running through my head - I talk to Jesus and as I crochet away.

I enjoy reading, playing my guitar and singing worship on a worship team. I also dance and prophetic dance. I have been married for 27 years and have two grown children. I love my husband so very much and he truly is my best friend and God gave me him. I love my children and with this I have known family in every sense of the word!

I love animals, birds. I love, love the beach!! And I just enjoy life.
I am so grateful for the honor and privilege to test for crochet couch. I truly can say I was a pretty much a newbie crocheting when I first tested and testing the Lamb Blanket helped me grow my wings and encouraged me and shown me.... the gift that was inside me and placed with in by my Creator.

I am honored to have been chosen as a featured tester

. Thank you so very much.
Glory to God and God Bless.

Laura Whitt.jpg

Laura whitt

Laura has been a pattern tester with us since 2015.  She has been crocheting for an amazing 42 years!  Laura was blessed to have a grandmother who crocheted and was able to teach her and at age 12 she made a simple lap throw!  Her favorite ones that she's tested?  The Long Stem Rose blanket and the Carpenter Wheel in King size - both of which she did an outstanding job on!  We're lucky to have Laura as one of our pattern testers!

Sandra with her son Anthony

Sandra with her son Anthony

Sandra goodsell

Sandra has been testing for us since the beginning of 2016.  She's a stay at home mom married for 10 years with 1 child.  She loves to spend time with family and crochet, loves testing new patterns and loves to cook and try out new recipes.  Sandra says:  "I learned to crochet when I was 9 or 10 years old.  I initially wanted to learn because my grandma was staying with us and I would watch her and thought it was neat.  I became a tester right after I learned to do C2C and saw graphghans and thought they would be neat to make.  My favorite pattern of yours would be the Duck Face.   My afghans are frequently claimed by my son but I've also given some away and sold a few.  Sandra hopes to one day soon meet some of the people she's met in online crochet groups for a real life crochet session.

Cheryl pictured with her husband

Cheryl pictured with her husband

Cheryl Gray

Cheryl has been testing for us since the beginning of 2016.  She's done quite a few projects and is hard pressed to choose a favorite.  Cheryl is another lucky one that was taught by her grandmother at age 12 to crochet.  She then continued the tradition and taught her daughter Emily.  Cheryl decided to begin testing because she was interested in trying something new and liked all the different graph patterns.  Most of the ones she makes are gifts for others.  Cheryl is currently working on a christening dress using #10 cotton.  We can't wait to see it!

Jamie S Pratt.jpg

Jamie S. Pratt

Jamie hasn't been with The Crochet Couch as long as some of the others but WOW is she fast!  She's sometimes hard to keep up with as large afghans sometimes take her a few days to complete rather than the few weeks or months it takes the rest of us!

Jamie has been crocheting over 20 years and was self taught from a book.  She struggled as a child to learn from her grandma as she was left handed.  From Jamie:  "When I was young, around 6 or 7 years old my grandma tried to teach me to crochet.  I learned the chain before she went back to Florida and had a chain long enough to go around the whole house by the time she came back the next summer.  I was left handed and she couldn't figure out how to teach me.

Jamie was a Crochet Couch customer and eventually found our group for testing on Facebook and we're so glad she did!  Her favorite one is the Marijuana Leaf afghan and she did a stunning job on it.  

A single mom of 4 kids as well as raising dogs keeps Jamie very busy so we don't know how she can crochet so fast!  She's recently taken a job in Customer Service to support her hobbies!

Ann Jamieson.jpg

Ann Jamieson

Ann has been with us since the beginning of 2016.  She's been crocheting for close to 40 years off and on!  In Ann's words:  I used to be mesmerised by my granny, she made doilies with crochet thread, they were delicate and intricate. I would make chains which she would then make into circles and I’d use them as carpets, covers in my dolls house, cardboard box! I guess I’d have been around ten when I made a strappy crochet top for myself, it was purple! Then I must have stopped and taken it up again when I was having my first baby, making clothes and blankets for her.

Originally I just wanted to be like my granny! When my daughter was born, I didn’t get much handmade gifts from people and I preferred hand knitted/crocheted so there I began, the comments from others were also encouraging!

Searching through Facebook looking for ‘something different’ for a 21st birthday present, I was seeing works of art - Afghan/Graphgan and I thought ‘if only’. I asked if someone could make me a Jack Russell terrier and I was invited to join Kim’s original tester group, there I began my very first, never heard of, c2c graphgan! I was/am hooked!

I love them all! I’m amazed at how much I’ve improved over the years! Favourites include Black Sheep, Sleepy Sheep and the Baby Argyle, six colours Afghan

I live on the Shetland Islands, population of 22,000. I stay on a smaller island, Burra Isle, with my husband, Black Labrador, two ginger cats, a brood of hens, nine adult and fifteen chicks, hatched this month. I’m a learning support worker in our local high school. I have two grown up children, neither of who share my passion for wool, crochet or knitting! I love long walks with Brook, baking and knitting. I bake once a week, and always have a knit project and crochet project going at the same time, quite often more than one! I have recently undertaken knitting Fair Isle and have moved away from hats and gloves to my very first Fair Isle Yoke Cardigan, a 50th birthday present for my sister. My cupboards have more wool than the two wool shops on the isle! And I still never have the right wool for the project!! I’m patiently waiting on my ‘makkin’ room being done out/compiled!! The Crofthoose Hat I’m wearing was made for Shetland Wool Week, by a local designer, Donna Smith.

Ravelry 2 Victorian Dress.jpg

Stacey Ring

Stacey has been with us since the end of 2016 and is one of our youngest pattern testers!  She's been crocheting for 7 years. 

Stacey started crocheting as a hobby and uses the items she makes from testing patterns as Christmas gifts. 

She's done quite a few patterns but her favorite one is the Victorian Dress