Turkey Afghan, C2C Crochet Pattern

Listing Turkey border.jpg
Listing Turkey border.jpg

Turkey Afghan, C2C Crochet Pattern


The Turkey Afghan has more than the average number of colors changes but this one will look stunning once crocheted up and be worth all the color changes!

What you need for the Turkey afghan:
• Medium Worsted Weight #4: Blue 41oz, Pewter 21oz, Copper 19oz, Brown 13oz, Gold 6oz, White 5oz, Green 4oz, Beige 3oz, Tan 3oz and Red 3oz
• Hook = size H
• Yarn Needle
• Yarn Bobbins

Size: 78” x 78”
Gauge: 10 Rows = 8”
Blocks: 97 x 97

If you would like this afghan a little bit smaller, you can substitute mini C2C for the Standard C2C. Pattern includes video link to mini c2c. This Turkey Afghan afghan would measure 58” x 58” using an H hook and mini C2C

**The pattern testers are permitted to use the colors of their choice so you will frequently see completed projects that are done in different colors than the pattern calls for. You, of course, are welcome to follow the colors of the pattern or use your own color choices.

If you need assistance with understanding part of the pattern, please feel free to contact us, we are happy to help!

You may keep, give away or sell any items you make from our patterns but we do ask that you don't share any of our paid patterns.

Thank you and Happy Crocheting!

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All our C2C Crochet patterns are delivered in a pdf format that includes:
**Full size graph which prints out in 4-6 pages
**Graph scaled down to print on one page
**Color coded row by row word chart
**Black and white word chart and
**Basic instructions for the C2C Graph. 
**Video links for helpful tips when doing graph projects

So, whether you prefer to work from a graph or hate the counting and like it written out, this pattern has both. 

Pattern also has a page that gives additional measurements and yarn requirements for Sport or Baby #2 yarn using either hook F, G or H - Light Worsted Weight Yarn #3 using either hook F, G or H - Medium Worsted Weight Yarn #4 using either hook G, H or I so you can find the right size for you.