The Crochet Couch Team

In addition to our pattern testers, there are a few more of us that keep The Crochet Couch running.


Kim & Bob Latshaw

Well this is us!  Bob does most of the graphing these days as well help with marketing and he even can be convinced from time to time to tuck in the ends from the patterns that I've worked up myself.  I take his graphs and make the word charts and put the patterns together and get them ready for the testers and customers.


Roberta Steger

The Crochet Couch wouldn't function half as well as it does without the help of Roberta!  She keeps us all organized and does a little bit of everything.  


Naomi Kinney

Naomi has her hands full at home with her adorable children but still finds time to do some pattern testing and help with administrative duties. 

Renae Kness.jpg

Renae Kness Johnston manages our Crochet A Longs in the C2C Graphs Group. You can join us there at